Food Trucks

Food Trucks

From kitchen to cart to community... and back again.

Food trucks have very specific needs, and we have everything necessary to keep them rolling.

24/7/365 Truck Parking

Set up your home base behind our building, where we have spaces for up to 14 vehicles, complete with electric and water.


Drop off dishes, load and unload carts, clean your equipment, and stock up on staples right inside our building, out of the elements. Our drive-thru even gives you direct access to our storage space, which makes it easy to get to your inventory.

Everything The Commissary Has to Offer

  • Try out new menus in our 2,000-sq. ft. Commercial Kitchen
  • Available dry goods and equipment storage space complete with a refrigerator and freezer
  • Meeting & Class Space, and the opportunity to meet with and learn from others in the industry
  • Proof Box Professional Services
  • Equipment Rentals

A Stellar Location

When your business is on wheels, being close to major thoroughfares, service stations, equipment suppliers, and other retailers and service providers is key. The Commissary is within easy distance of the following:

    Three Gas Stations with both Regular and Diesel gasoline, and propane swap

•    A Propane Station where you can have your own tanks filled

•    Five Banks

•    Mechanic Shops and an Auto Parts Store

•    Restaurant Depot

•    Restaurant Equippers® Warehouse Store

•    Target and Walmart