The Good Egg | 5 | Over medium

  • The Commissary 1400 Dublin Rd Columbus, OH, 43215 United States

Some say that each fold in a chef's toque represents a different way the chef knows to cook an egg. 100 folds in the toque = 100 different ways to cook an egg. That seems ridiculous though, right? There have to be more than 100 ways to cook an egg.

The Good Egg is a way for all of us to earn our folds. This is a quick cooking demo, an opportunity to practice and get feedback, a casual pop-up restaurant, and a chance to unwind after a day. Each Good Egg will feature a talented cook or baker, a different style of cooking an egg, and a dinner option featuring that egg.

The Good Egg 5 features eggs over medium by Chef Laura Lee of Ajumam. Come for the $5 demo and practice (at 6 and 7pm), stay for dinner. 

Chef Laura's dinner offerings will be announced soon.

The Commissary will have sodas, water, and coffee available. A refrigerator is available to keep any of your own beverages chilled.