Start Your Business: Branding with Allie Lehman

  • The Commissary 1400 Dublin Road Columbus United States

The Commissary's Start Your Business sessions provide an opportunity to develop an action plan that will get you from concept to execution of your idea. Whenever possible, we will have the people and the departments on hand to help answer questions.

This session is designed someone who has a side business or is starting something completely new. It's easy to feel overwhelmed because you know you need a website, a logo, a business card and to get on social media. It doesn't have to be as difficult (or expensive) as you think! Allie Lehman has built three businesses from scratch with no external funding AND without spending thousands of dollars on the initial brand. And you don’t have to be a graphic designer or photographer, either—there are simple ways to build the brand as you evolve (because you WILL evolve). We'll talk about how your logo can be simple, why you need photography and the best options for free (or nearly free) websites.