Putting Up Seasonal Produce with Rachel Tayse Baillieul

  • The Commissary 1400 Dublin Rd Columbus, OH, 43215 United States

Seasonal eating includes preserving the current abundance to enjoy though out the year. Join Rachel Tayse Baillieul, urban homesteader, to experience seasonal preservation once a month all year long. 

Each class will include making and tasting at least two preserves from locally-sourced ingredients. Students will go home with a sample, recipes, and sources to continue preserving at home. 

Throughout the series, Rachel will cover lacto-fermentation, water bath canning, pressure canning, vinegar and liqueur infusions, freezing, dehydrating, and more. 

This class will focus on making bacon (!) and egg noodles (!!) from scratch. There will be demos, tastings, and a cut of pork belly for each student to finish curing at home.