Freezer Meal Party with Retro Dinner Diva

  • The Commissary 1400 Dublin Road Columbus United States

Have you ever wished someone would come to your house and cook for you? Sounds like a dream, right? Attending a Freezer Meal Party gets you really close! Retro Dinner Diva's Freezer Meal Parties are a ton of FUN! In about 2 hours everyone goes home with 10 meals that can be frozen, thawed, and cooked in the crock pot and/or oven as needed throughout the month.

Retro Dinner Diva does all the hard work for you (planning, grocery shopping, chopping, label making, cooking/shredding chicken, etc).

The theme for this freezer meal party is "Summer Lovin'" featuring lighter summery slow cooker & grill-ready entrees.