Behind the Scenes

How to get more

Our Kickstarter rewards are pretty spectacular. It is hard to choose just one. We know this, appreciate you and don't think you should have to choose just one if you don't want to:

  • Click the “Back this project” or “Manage your pledge” button. 
  • In the “Pledge amount” box, enter the total dollar amount of each of the classes, dinners, and swag that you would like to experience (that are not sold out). 
  • Place a dot next to just one of the reward levels that you want to experience. 
  • Click “Continue to next step” and follow all of the instructions with Kickstarter and Amazon.
  • Send us a message, tweet, email, facebook post, text message, voicemail to let us know which group of experiences you are committing to. We will adjust the available seats on our end. 

We would love if you could share our Kickstarter with your friends and your family.