Behind the Scenes

Asking and trusting

Over at the Metropreneur, they shared an article encouraging entrepreneurs to assemble a Board of Advisors. While I never set out to have something so formal, the end result is the same and exponentially more valuable then any of my degrees. I was lucky to have an instructor many years ago that taught me two things: 

  1. If you have a question, take it to the person with the most experience doing it successfully.
  2. Don't be afraid of talking to important (intimidating) people.

I have a pretty special network of successful answerers to my millions of questions. In the process of forming those relationships, I've learned more than the details of business. I've learned about openness and trust; asking for and being receptive to feedback, and generosity. But my favorite thing of all is sitting next to someone that has travelled the same entrepreneurial path, feeling understood and learning the parts of this journey that I haven't gotten to yet; the questions I haven't formed.