Behind the Scenes

Our Big Spoons: Anand & Doris Saha

Kickstart supporters at the $3000 level are considered Big Spoons because their support brings us so much closer to creating a space that will benefit food and beverage makers, community organizations, charities, and families for years to come. Here is a message from one of The Commissary's Big Spoons:

"The Columbus culinary scene has changed drastically over the past 20 years. When Doris and I first came to Columbus, we had to find ways to bring bakers and pastry chefs from Europe because there were so few places here where aspiring chefs could get the appropriate culinary training. 

The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in food culture and a proliferation of culinary talent in our city, with many bright and innovative chefs, farmers, and brewers looking for ways to share their energy, passion and enthusiasm. Having been in the business for so long, Doris and I well know the challenges of starting and operating a successful business. The Commissary presents an amazing opportunity for food enthusiasts in the Columbus community, professional or otherwise, to explore, learn, and work together in a highly collaborative and flexible environment. 

From the number of backers that this Kickstarter campaign has already lined up, it seems obvious that this project will be a success and will enrich our community for many years to come. Mozart’s is proud to make a $3000 pledge to The Commissary Kickstarter project."

- Anand Saha, Owner of Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe

Anand and Doris Saha of Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe

Anand and Doris Saha of Mozart's Bakery and Piano Cafe

I am so grateful to Anand and Doris for their support. And they are right, we can absolutely meet our goal by July 10th if we keep working together. Share The Commissary's mission and campaign with your friends and family; followers and future fans. Do you know of someone that might be interested in what we are doing together? Then let them know! Thank you!