Behind the Scenes

Kickstarter reward: fRESHSTREET

Four years ago, Kenny Kim and Misako Ohba gained national recognition and gave Columbus something to brag about. What started as a local culinary awakening with Japanese crepes from their Foodie Cart, led our hearts and stomachs to takoyaki in their first pop-up in Mikey's Late Night slice. After that, we all followed them to Double Happiness for yakitori, rice bowls, okonomiyaki fries, and all too briefly, ramen. And just like that *poof* they were gone to California.

I miss them. I miss their food. I miss trusting two incredible people to fill me up with something new, shocking, and delicious. Do you?

The Commissary wants to provide space for talented food makers like Kenny and Misako to play, prep, cook, and serve. Our kitchens will have a wide range of equipment from the fun and experimental to the time saving and scalable. We'll be able to help entrepreneurs with business services so more energy can be spent on their craft. 

And then there is the event space at The Commissary: a place to invite and entertain new diners to the most loyal of customers. The sort of customer that wants to bring Kenny and Misako back from California for just a few more meals.

For a contribution to The Commissary's kickstarter of at least $265, you can help us bring them back to Columbus, help us build a space for fRESHSTREET and the rest of our local food and drink makers to work for years to come. You will also join us for:

  • An evening full of fRESHSTREET food and drinks for you and a guest
  • A day of food, drink, live music, tours, and entertainment at The Commissary Block Party
  • A market bag of swag, two Commissary t-shirts and stickers
  • A wooden spoon engraved with your name or message hanging on our wall of supporters

Let's do this together.