Behind the Scenes

Test Market, U.S.A.

"Playing around is crucial to creativity," says British chef Sat Bains. Around the world, a few very successful chefs have been able to (afford and) build test kitchens to play -- experiment, develop new items, and learn about ingredients without disrupting their ongoing operations. Most famously, elBulli closed for an astounding six months of every year so the renowned chefs could meticulously create, test, and push their culinary boundaries each season.  

The Commissary is organized to enable all of us to play -- to bring the possibility of innovation to a broad audience. Building on Columbus' creative, test market spirit and energies, The Commissary will be equipped to allow professional and amateur chefs and bakers access to their own test kitchen. What equipment do you want to learn how to use? What food items do you want to learn about?