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An Interesting Take on the Many Common Traits of a Yorkshire Terrier

The traits of Yorkshire terriers are fairly typical of all breeds. They are very intelligent, active, sensitive, and obedient, and are somewhat fragile and easily injured. This small dog is very affectionate, and faithful, but is also stubborn and maybe stubborn about following your commands.

The Yorkshire terrier is actually one of the smallest purebred dogs of any dog kind and still has any canine breed. The original breed originated in Yorkshire, England during the early 19th century. Ideally, its maximum height is around seven pounds, although it will often be much smaller.

The Yorkie will reach anywhere between ten to eleven months old, sometimes as early as nine months old. While the Yorkshire terrier does have some fairly typical traits, they are not as unique as you might think. For instance, there is no certain way to tell whether a Yorkie is a purebred Yorkie or a poodle.

The truth is, a lot of the poodles in the show ring are in fact purebred Yorkies. In many ways, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has done a good job of making sure that there are only genuine Yorkies in registered puppy shows today.

In general, terriers are very sensitive and don’t do well if left alone for long periods of time. They need constant, loving attention from their owner. If a Yorkie owner neglects her dog, she can become withdrawn and develop destructive behavior patterns. This doesn’t just apply to the Yorkie, however.

Many show champions are also very sensitive, even to the extent of being temperamental when left by themselves. One of the best things about owning a Yorkie is that they grow up so quickly. They can take as little as six months to become fully grown, which is much earlier than many other breeds of dogs.

This means that Yorkies can stay with their owners for longer than other pets. If you buy a Yorkie as a puppy and leave it with someone as a puppy, it will grow up with that person. But if you get a terrier puppy and get it home with you as an adult, it will often stay with you for several years.

Another trait of Yorkies that many people love about these dogs is how easy they are to train. Most Yorkies love to please their owners and are eager to learn tricks. These dogs also enjoy being around other animals, especially other terriers. This is why you’ll often find trained Yorkies at dog shows.

One other trait of this terrier is its highly distinctive and doggie smell. The reason that the Yorkie has a distinctive smell is because of its long back and narrow shoulder-length coat. The long back is almost similar to the shape of a human’s back.

This helps the dog’s scent to be distinctive and is what gives it its distinct smell. When the Yorkie’s owner walks by and his or her doggie smells the owner, the dog will quickly back away and stand on its hind feet. This scent is also what makes the terrier licks the person.

Training a Yorkie is going to take some time and patience, but is well worth it. The owner should realize early on that this breed is a little slower than other terriers. They require more attention from the owner than other breeds.

And because of their high energy level, Yorkies need to be around their owner and other members of the family all the time. If the owner doesn’t want to be bothered with training, the Yorkie will not be very keen on living in the house. You can easily understand better and learn about yorkies here.

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